Use Case

Tampa Commons Gets An Uncommon Upgrade

Office building systems upgraded with structural and mechanical improvements, boosting its overall energy efficiency and tenant comfort.

Asset Facts

Date Built 1982

Square Feet 264,808

Asset Type Office Building

Project Facts

Annual Energy Savings 1,371,764 kWh

Annual Cost Savings $116,600

Gross Investment $1,564,640

Rebates $10,588

Rebates as % of Total Project Cost 7

Net Investment $1,554,052

Net Payback 13.32 years

ROI: 7.5%

Energy Savings 39%

  • Average chiller plant reductions exceed 50%

  • Average pump and fan power usage reduced by 30-50%

  • Average solar heat gain reduced by 70%

Millions of kWh Annually

Annual Electricity Consumption


Built during a period of relatively lower energy costs, this 13-story, class-A office building had all the amenities and a distinctive sapphire glass exterior, but it was relatively energy inefficient and in need of upgrades and capital expenditures.

  • Decking from the original black rubber roof had separated from the building structure in a recent storm

  • HVAC water chiller was outdated, inefficient, and nearing the end of its useful life.

Our Solution

Reducing demand and satisfying the need for cooling and conditioning the building in a more efficient manner was essential to achieving substantial energy savings in the Tampa, Florida climate.

  • Replaced chiller plant with a new, frictionless chiller with integrated variable frequency drives, substantially increasing efficiency and reducing runtimes

  • Replaced black roof with a new white TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roof designed to lower daily heat absorption from the sun and reduce the associated urban heat island effect.