Use Case

Starwood Capital & Hersha Select Service Hotel

Annualized energy savings are equivalent to 134 metric tons of GHGs reduced or 28 cars removed from the road.

Asset Facts

Date Built 1982

Square Feet 76,875

No. of Rooms 109 Rooms

Asset Type Select Service Hotel

Project Facts

Annual Energy Savings 190,437 kWh

Total Annual Building Energy Savings (%) 18.1

Annual Cost Savings $21,672

Gross Investment $71,917

Rebates $13,929

Rebates as % of Total Project Cost 19.4

Net Investment $57,988

Net Payback 2.7 years

ROI: 37%

Energy Savings 18%

  • Solar film and in-room controls generated a 38% average reduction in energy consumption

  • The combined solution of solar film and in-room controls in the guestrooms applied throughout the hotel resulted in an 18.1% reduction in total building energy consumption.

starwood chart

Millions of kWh Annually

Annual Electricity Consumption


Located in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, this 109 room select service hotel was constructed in the early 1980s and maintains many of the original building systems and operational parameters.

In the months leading up to solution implementation, a Property Improvement Plan (PIP) was completed by the owner. The PIP primarily focused on aesthetic upgrades to the property but did not address HVAC, controls, and building envelope inefficiencies.

Our Solution

Green Generation Solutions collaborated with hotel management to design a solution that provided occupancy-based control capabilities for the PTAC units and bathroom lights located in each guestroom.

  • In the absence of a wall mounted thermostat, GreenGen designed a control system that wirelessly linked room occupancy with the on-board controls of the PTAC unit

  • To mitigate the heat gain and loss through the un-tinted double pane windows, GreenGen installed high-performance low-e solar film on the southeast and southwest orientations of the building glass façade

  • GreenGen processed and coordinated all rebate capture activities with the local utility to secure funding for nearly 20% of the total project cost

  • Installation was completed in only 10 days during normal business hours, without any impact on guest experience

  • GreenGen installed submetering equipment at the subpanel to measure the energy consumption of individual rooms with and without the solution installed. The rooms without the solar film and in-room controls provided a live baseline from which to measure and verify the energy savings.