Use Case

Saving the City of Jacksonville, FL Money with a Triple Bottom Line Strategy

Energy Assessments Identify 20% Energy and Water Savings for One of the Largest Cities in America

Asset Facts

Date Built Various, up to 100 yrs old

Geographic Area 874 sq mi

Asset Type Various

Project Facts

Annual Energy Savings 30 million kWh

Annual Cost Savings $2.7 million

Gross Investment $0 with ESPC

Funding Performance Contract

Net Investment $0

Net Payback 6 years

Energy Savings >20%


Newly elected mayor wanted to identify opportunities to lower electricity and water costs while improving the city’s operational efficiency. Due to the vast geographic area that contained the city-owned buildings, special consideration was given to the proposed implementation strategy for the recommended energy conservation measures.

kWh Annually

Annual Electricity Consumption

Our Solution

GreenGen utilized a multi-faceted assessment approach to identify energy savings opportunities throughout the portfolio of buildings consisting of the following measures:

  • Conducted desktop review of nearly 500 assets

  • Conducted on-site Level I Audits of ten buildings, including the eight largest energy users, as well as representative libraries and fire stations

  • Engineered site-specific solutions and developed energy models

  • Included O&M considerations to reduce travel costs and vehicle emissions for city employees

Developed energy data portal and messaging concepts GreenGen’s solution had six principal elements that focused on utilizing controls and training, as well as equipment upgrades to reduce operating costs:

  • LED fixture replacements

  • Enhanced controls for lighting and HVAC systems

  • Building envelope enhancements, including solar film, windows, and roofs

  • Retro-commissioning of systems and controls

  • Low flow fixtures and faucets

  • Enhanced PM program integrated in city IT infrastructure