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GreenGen revolutionizes the built environment with the delivery of end-to-end solutions that drive positive financial and environmental outcomes. With a shared commitment to a sustainable future, we facilitate a profitable transition to a net zero world for our clients.

City skyline view from top of Empire State Building, showcasing sustainable real estate development and sustainability strategy.


We leverage our ROI-driven approach to help clients reduce operating costs, mitigate risk, lower carbon emissions, and drive value at the asset level and portfolio-wide

Solar panels and wind turbines at sunset, symbolizing profitable sustainability and sustainability strategy.


We strategize and develop renewable power projects for our clients to deliver carbon-free electricity while bolstering energy security and resilience

A futuristic technology, showcasing a sustainable strategy


We identify, evaluate, and invest in disruptive PropTech companies and founders to accelerate innovation in the built environment

Operate in the Green®

We strive to be the driving force behind a transformative era in real estate – one in which a net zero carbon world is a reality and sustainability and profitability are seamlessly intertwined. One in which organizations Operate in the Green®. 

People. Planet. Profit.

Founded in 2011, GreenGen is a global leader in energy and sustainability solutions empowering organizations to Operate in the Green®.  Our unique approach helps investors, real estate operators, enterprises, and governments develop and implement solutions that lower building operating costs, mitigate risk, reduce carbon emissions, and drive value at the asset level and portfolio wide.

Today, the diverse GreenGen team unites engineers, PhDs, MBAs, environmental experts, and associates across 10 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and India. We’ve successfully completed projects across 25 countries, leaving a measurable impact on the global landscape.

Our real estate experience combined with energy, capital markets, and technology expertise creates a competitive advantage in transitioning the built environment to a zero carbon future. We make the energy transition profitable.”

— Brad Dockser, CEO and Co-Founder

We – as people, engineers, owners, and investors – Operate in the Green®

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Operate in the Green®