Use Case

Illuminating the US Border

Brighter, more efficient, and cheaper is a cost-effective approach to protecting the border

Asset Facts

Date Built May – Nov. 2016

Acres 135

Asset Type Border Security Protection Zone

Project Facts

Annual Energy Savings 2,701,194 kWh

Total Annual Energy Savings 74.9%

Annual Cost Savings $247,851

Gross Investment $2,345,385

Funding Performance Contract

Rebates $297,131

Rebates as % of Total Project Cost 12.7

Net Investment $2,048,254

Net Payback 8.26 years

ROI: 12%

Energy Savings 75%

New LED fixtures allowed for much improved lighting of the border protection zone for Customs Border Protection and Border Patrol Agents for 10 miles of border zone while reducing energy consumption/costs by 75% in the first year.

Millions of kWh Annually

Annual Electricity Consumption


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) required cost savings and improved lighting along a ten-mile stretch of border near Yuma, Arizona. All work had to be completed without interruption of CBP operations.

Our Solution

Our solution had three principal elements: (1) LED fixture replacement, (2) lumen output redistribution, and (3) lowering pole heights and reorienting fixtures. Our redesign reduced pole heights by a third, distributed the poles more efficiently, and directed the fixtures to minimize light loss factors. We replaced 1000W metal halide light fixtures with S33W Cooper-Lumark Galleon LED fixtures.

  • Conducted on-site survey and Investment Grade Audit of lighting; coordinated with the CBP engineers and their O&M contractor

  • Engineered site-specific photometric plans in conjunction with CBP engineering and on-site personnel to meet light level requirements for mission effectiveness coupled with energy efficient LED upgrades

  • Delivered solution using formal test and acceptance procedures as outlined in DOE FEMP ENABLE process

  • Secured financing that will ultimately be paid back through energy savings

  • Project was delivered several weeks ahead of schedule, within budget, and with no impact on operations or effect on the CBP mission during the installation process.