Use Case

71% Energy Savings in Parking Garage Using LEDs

Annualized energy savings equivalent to 854 metric tons of GHGs reduced or 180 cars removed from the road

Asset Facts

Date Built 1982

Parking Spaces 1,800

Square Feet 300,000

Asset Type Parking Garage

Project Facts

Annual Energy Savings 1,238,825 kWh

Annual Energy Reduction 71%

Annual Cost Savings $114,914

Gross Investment $616,700

Rebates $48,726

Rebates as % of Total Project Cost 7.9

Net Investment $567,974

Net Payback 4.9 years

ROI: 20%


Located in the Midwest region of the United States, this 300,000 ft² urban mall stretches over four blocks. It was constructed in 1912, converted into a mall in 1982, and underwent upgrade renovations in 2004. The six-level above-ground parking lot was built in 1982 and lighting upgrades were implemented in the early 1990s. The garage provides parking for the adjoining retail mall.

Millions of kWh Annually

Annual Electricity Consumption

Our Solution

The existing 986 lighting fixtures in the parking garage were 150 W metal halide low-bay fixtures. They were not controlled by dimmers or sensors and ran continuously throughout the day, throughout the year.

  • Replaced the metal halide lamps with 51 W LED dual sensing dimmable fixtures. The power required to run the fixtures greatly decreased while ensuring optimal light levels were maintained in the garage

  • Installed occupancy and daylight sensors. As a result, the new fixtures vary their light output depending on detected natural light levels and pedestrian and car traffic in the garage

  • Coordinated all rebate capture activities with the state utility to secure funding for 8% of the total project cost

  • Completed a consumption analysis was completed on the parking garage prior to and after the installation of the lighting and sensors to measure and verify the impact of the Solution.

Energy Savings 71%

  • New LED fixtures reduced wattage and the baseline demand of the garage by 65%

  • Installed lighting and daylight- and occupancysensors save about 1,238,825 kWh annually

  • Solution resulted in an overall, verified 71% reduction in the annual electricity consumption of the parking garage.