Use Case

Harrison Street Lighting the Way to Safer Student Housing

LED lighting retrofits for Auburn student housing portfolio improve site lighting while generating a 21% ROI.

Asset Facts

Date Built 2008, 2012

Number of Beds 1,354

Asset Type Student Housing

Project Facts

Annual Energy Savings 440,506 kWh

Annual Energy Reduction 60.2%

Annual Cost Savings $36,841

Gross Investment $179,257

Net Investment $179,257

Net Payback 4.86 years

ROI: 21%


GreenGen assessed two of Harrison Street Real Estate Capital’s (HSRE) student housing buildings — Copper Beech and The Grove. This assessment revealed that both buildings were in need of lighting upgrades to reduce energy consumption and improve site lighting.

Thousands of kWh Annually

Annual Electricity Consumption

Our Solution

    Our solution consisted of furnishing and installing over 1,000 new lamps and fixtures in common and exterior areas. All lighting systems were replaced with LED in order to maximize energy efficiency while reducing operating costs. This new lighting not only increased energy savings, but also created a more well-lit and therefore safer atmosphere for the university students living there. Projects were delivered on schedule and within budget.
  • Conducted on-site surveys.
  • Developed photometric analysis.
  • Developed site-specific solutions utilizing 14 unique lamps or fixtures.

Energy Savings 60.2%

New LED lighting has created more efficient lighting in and outside of the buildings, specifically increasing exterior building visibility leading to a safer and more cost-efficient housing complexes.