Use Case

HVAC Upgrade Cuts Hyatt Energy Costs

We were able to reduce energy consumption for each fan by 50–70%. Garage exhaust fan run times were reduced by 99%.

Asset Facts

Date Built 1972

No. of Rooms 1000

Asset Type Hotel and Garage

Project Facts

Annual Energy Savings 1,088,326 kWh

Annual Cost Savings $110,671

Gross Investment $218,665

Rebates $49,760

Rebates as & of Total Project Cost 23

Net Investment $168,905

Net Payback 1.52 years

ROI: 66%

Energy Savings 7%

  • Energy consumption cut 50–70% for each fan

  • Garage exhaust fan runtimes reduced by 99%

  • Energy usage reduced by over one million kWh per year

  • Annual energy savings exceed $110,000.

hyatt hotel stats

Millions of kWh Annually

Annual Electricity Consumption


25 AHUs (Air Handling Units) were used to condition all common areas (lobbies, hallways, conference rooms) of a 1,000-room Hyatt hotel in Texas. Units ran 24/7 at full speed with no correlation to actual conditions, creating a wasteful, constant airflow.

Several garage fans also ran full speed, 24/7, without regard to either occupancy or actual carbon monoxide (CO) levels, which the fans were designed to reduce.

Our Solution

Upgraded HVAC and garage exhaust fans with high-efficiency motors and advanced controls to match energy consumption with actual demand. All air handling unit fan motors had variable frequency drives (VFDs) installed on them to convert the constant flow system to variable flow.

  • Measured airflow rates and adjusted CFM rates to match air flow with heating and cooling demands of each space served

  • Installed CO sensors and on/off controls on all garage fans

  • Converted all 25 AHU motors to high-efficiency models, extending their lives by reducing wear and tear

  • Tied space temperature monitoring into an overall building management system

  • Installed advanced, programmable digital thermostats

  • Created charge-back capability for AHUs in meeting spaces.