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GreenGen Ventures Announces Equity Investment in Wynd Technologies

BETHESDA, MD– May 12, 2020 – GreenGen Ventures, the venture capital arm of Green Generation (GreenGen), today announced it has structured and invested in a new round of financing for Wynd Technologies, a standard-setting global air purification and measurement startup with products featured in Apple and Best Buy stores. The investment was made by a fund under GreenGen’s management.

Founded in 2014 by CEO Raymond Wu, Wynd offers an innovative suite of indoor sensors, air quality monitors, and smart air purifiers that provides consumers with cleaner air and healthier environments. Wynd combines data and insights from both B2B and B2C customers to provides critical, complimentary insights and benchmarking for localities and cities.

“Wynd has become the go-to for consumers around the world who are looking to improve their air quality and indoor environments,” said Brad Dockser, chief executive officer of GreenGen. “In the past year of working with Wynd, this is the first company with a product suite that not only identifies, but also remediates, air quality in both commercial and residential settings.”

Wynd’s multi-product suite caters to every type of buyer, including the entry-level priced Air Quality Tracker sensor for measuring air quality, the mid-priced stationary base product, Halo, and the individual personal purifier, Home Purification, for commercial and home purification cleanings. Wynd has six provisional patents and other pending applications to offer even greater consumer and commercial capabilities.

“Our hybrid software-hardware platform aims to become the global standard for air purification in the 21st century,” said Ray Wu, chief executive officer of Wynd Technologies. “We are thrilled to add GreenGen as both an investor and as an active partner who has extensive relationships throughout the built environment.”

This investment follows GreenGen Ventures’ recent investment in energy analytics start-up Datakwip.

About Wynd

Wynd Technologies, Inc. is based in Redwood City, California and was founded by Raymond Wu in 2014. Wynd creates products that help people breathe healthier air wherever they go. For more information, visit