Press Release

GreenGen Pledges Donations to Support Social Justice

A Message from GreenGen

We at GreenGen have always been, at our core, about improving the world for its inhabitants. Our mission now rings truer than ever. We know a truly sustainable future means confronting social justice issues and building an equitable society.

As a firm, it’s important that we re-affirm what we stand for. GreenGen has always embraced diversity in all its forms, and we owe our success directly to cultivating a team that has a diversity of lived experiences, perspectives and backgrounds.

In keeping with our deep commitment to our core values, GreenGen is making a donation to support the following non-profit organizations supporting social justice and civil liberty:

Additionally, we are also matching employee donations to organizations of their choice that champion social justice.

Challenging times call for increased conversations and intentionality. We at GreenGen are united against injustice, and we commit to doing our part to help work toward a society that’s truly “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”