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GreenGen Ventures Announces Equity Investment in Datakwip

BETHESDA, MD – April 28, 2020 – GreenGen Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Green Generation (GreenGen), today announced it has structured and invested in a new round of financing for Datakwip, a cloud-based energy analytics platform for smart buildings. The investment was made by a fund under its management.

Founded in 2016 by CEO Cory Perdue, Datakwip’s software platform automatically detects opportunities to save energy in buildings. Its proprietary software and intellectual property allows buildings and other physical assets to connect to existing infrastructure without any new costly hardware installations or upgrades in order to enable real-time communication and optimize facility management.

“Having been a Datakwip client for more than a year, we’ve witnessed firsthand the ease with which Datakwip’s platform can be integrated across assets in the built environment,” said Brad Dockser, chief executive officer of GreenGen. “I am now proud also to be an investor and an advisory board member, and we at GreenGen are committed to helping place Datakwip where they belong – at the forefront of PropTech innovation.”

Datakwip is currently already installed in over 30 properties and has an innovative portfolio of products with five pending patent applications for novel innovations within the built environment. The company was recently recognized as one of the 50 most promising startups in the construction ecosystem in CEMEX Ventures, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Tracxn’s 2019 listing.

“We recognize how paramount it is to have partners like GreenGen who can help us deliver our solutions to market and provide a high level of continuity to end users,” said Cory Perdue, chief executive officer of Datakwip. “We’re very pleased to have GreenGen as a strategic partner who can help us optimize and improve our solutions with real-time feedback and market expertise.”

GreenGen will work with Datakwip as a preferred supplier and will assist Datakwip in achieving the next level of growth and expansion. GreenGen will be taking an advisory board position with Datakwip. Other investors include TEDCO, the University of Maryland’s Momentum Fund, and the Chesapeake Bay Seed Fund.

About Datakwip

Datakwip is a McLean, Maryland-based cloud-analytics platform and smart building optimization software company. Datakwip provides an enterprise, cloud-based energy analytics software that helps customers reduce their energy usage saving them more than double digits while leveraging the customers’ existing equipment without any extra hardware. Datakwip offers an industry-setting integration speed and best-in-class analytics for facility monitoring and controls platform for the commercial and industrial building market. Datakwip connects to all existing data sources without costly delays or infrastructure additions, such as BAS, IoT Sensors and Existing Meters. For more information, please visit