Client Alert: France Accelerates its Solar Energy Program

Reducing Costs and Carbon

Aiming to increase and facilitate solar projects, the French Senate has approved new measures for doubling the installed solar capacity. During the November 4th legislative session, the French Senate agreed to accelerate procedures for renewable project approval, freeing up necessary land and improving the financing and attractiveness of renewable energy projects. The measure strengthens the […]

Changes to Utility Pricing in Hawaii

In a landmark order, Hawaii’s Public Utilities Commission has ordered Hawaiian Electric to transform its existing power rate structure into one that better acknowledges the growing use of renewable energy. Specifically, the order that was issued Oct. 31 will lead to a new rateChanges to Utility Pricing in Hawaii structure designed to encourage customers to […]

Client Alert: COP27 Updates

The United Nations’ annual climate change conference (COP27) kicked off in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. We will send updates over the next two weeks but wanted to write about a few things first. Unlike the COP26 in Glasgow that was hosted by the UK a year ago, we believe that this meeting hosted by Egypt, a […]

Client Alert: Energy Sobriety in France

The ongoing energy crisis in Europe has led the Macron-government to ask municipalities, households and companies to reduce the energy consumption by 10% over two years to counter Russia’s decision to cut the flow of natural gas to Europe. Combined with France’s Decret Tertiare and you now have France leading on energy regulation and efficiency […]

Client Alert: UK Residential Energy Prices

In the past few days, the UK government has signaled that residential energy prices are set to rise by as much as 80% year-over-year. With European gas prices soaring by 33% in the past week alone and Europe grappling with the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent cuts to gas supplies, Europe’s gas […]

Client Alert: New Zealand Unveils Its First Emission Reduction Plan

Summary The government of New Zealand announced this week the launch of a new multi-sector climate plan to address climate change and the transition to a low emissions economy. The new Emissions Reduction plan covers sector-specific policies and initiatives from the transport, energy and industry, building and construction, waste, fluorinated gases, agriculture, and forestry sectors. […]

State of Maryland and Montgomery County(MD) Adopt New Build Energy Performance Standards

Summary The Montgomery County Council (MD) recently unanimously approved the County’s Building Energy Performance Standard (BEPS) law. In addition, Maryland’s Climate Solutions Now Act has become law. The sweeping Maryland law addresses buildings and many other aspects of Maryland’s economy. It commits the State to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60% below 2006 levels by […]

Australian Elections and Potential Impact on Climate Legislation

Summary In elections this past weekend, Australians voted out the long-ruling conservative coalition in favor of Labor candidate Anthony Albanese. Albanese wants to end Australia’s reputation as a climate outlier, while manufacturing renewable products, e.g. batteries and increasing mining of green minerals, e.g. lithium. He also campaigned on a pledge to reduce Australia’s emissions by […]