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Client Alert: France Accelerates its Solar Energy Program

Aiming to increase and facilitate solar projects, the French Senate has approved new measures for doubling the installed solar capacity.

During the November 4th legislative session, the French Senate agreed to accelerate procedures for renewable project approval, freeing up necessary land and improving the financing and attractiveness of renewable energy projects. The measure strengthens the obligations for solar energy coverage of existing and new non-residential buildings and facilitates the installation of renewable works on buildings, i.e. by making new buildings ready to receive renewable energies.

Specifically, the law aims to facilitate the use of areas that are already artificial or that do not present major environmental issues, such as degraded land, or the sides of motorways. External car parks with more than 80 parking lots will need to install a solar energy canopy covering at least 50% of the area. In the event of non-compliance, the owners will be penalized with a monthly fine of €50 per parking space. Thus, a fleet of 80 spaces that does not comply with the new legislation would be exposed to 48,000 euros in penalties each year.

According to the French government, this measure is expected to double the installed power capacity, while the law will apply from July 1st, 2023.