Use Case

62% Energy Savings for GSA Courthouse

Though only 14 years old, a GSA-run federal building had costly and inefficient lighting, both inside and out, including a 55,000 SF green space and 83,000 SF of hardscape parking

Asset Facts

Date Built 2002

Square Feet 316,000 Building / 138,000 Outdoors

Asset Type Federal Building and Courthouse

Project Facts

Annual Energy Savings 107,450 kWh

Annual Energy Reduction 62%

Annual Cost Savings $12,863

Gross Investment $193,118

Rebates $9,520

Rebates as % of Total Project Cost 4.9

Net Investment $183,598

Net Payback 14.2 years

ROI: 7%

Energy Savings 62%

  • Annual lighting energy usage reduced by 62%

  • First year guaranteed savings confirmed by formal measurement and verification

  • 10 year guaranteed energy savings of $143,400

  • ~$10K annual O&M savings can be realized by the customer

gsa courthouse stats

Ten-Thousands of kWh Annually

Annual Electricity Consumption


In order to not disrupt the court’s business, we focused on only one courtroom at a time, scheduling work for holidays and weekends, allowing judges and other agencies in the building to maintain their planned court schedules. To reach the cupola lighting, we built, disassembled, and rebuilt a 30’ scaffolding in each courtroom

Our Solution

The project was delivered on time, within budget, and caused no unforeseen problems during the installation process. GreenGen performed the following:

  • Conducted an on-site survey and Investment Grade Audit of lighting at the courthouse; coordinated with facility engineers and city administrators

  • Reviewed the proposed lighting spectrum content with the US Marshalls and Federal Protective Services to ensure infrared lighting levels were sufficient for surveillance camera operation

  • Engineered site-specific photometric plans in conjunction with courthouse on-site personnel and GSA requirements for energy efficient LED lighting upgrades

  • Designed and provided demonstration of decorative lighting solutions before installing the approved design

  • Used the GreenGen secured rebates to upgrade the 44 utility room fixtures to LED tubes