Press Release

Open Letter to Pepco re: Building Decarbonization Code

The District of Columbia has been a leader in green building policy and has passed landmark bills related to buildings and climate, such as the Green Building Act, Clean and Affordable Energy Act, Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act, Clean Energy DC Building Code Amendment Act, and the DC Climate Commitment Act.

With the understanding that the Mayor and the District Council have adopted these policies under DC’s mantle of leadership in the arena of building decarbonization, the DC Energy and Green Codes Technical Advisory Group (TAG) sent a draft decarbonization code for the Construction Codes Coordinating Board (CCCB) to approve for the 2023 building code cycle.

GreenGen and other stakeholders have authored an open letter to urge Pepco to more clearly express their willingness and confidence to fulfill their responsibilities to the public upon adoption of the decarbonization code, and to dispel the uncertainty around electrification instigated by recent interactions with the CCCB.

GreenGen fully supports DC’s leadership in resilience, equity, health and decarbonization of the built environment.