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Green Generation Ventures is focused on identifying and growing PropTech businesses that improve the value of buildings and companies by reducing energy and related operating costs.

Through our extensive experience in energy, real estate, and capital markets, we bring a unique perspective to how technology can create value in the built environment. Ventures focuses on strategic investments driving in two ways:

  • Technologies that lower the price point or increase output delivering a new and a more valuable technology
  • Disruptive technologies that have found a solution to a problem that others have not yet addressed

GreenGen Ventures’ team has investing, operating, and technology experience and expertise across a broad range of real estate asset types, including office, retail, hospitality, industrial, and healthcare. Our clients own, operate, and manage over 1 billion square feet of real estate around the world, giving us a unique competitive advantage as an investor and value-added partner as our Solutions team is engineering on more than 100 solutions around the world at any given time.


GreenGen, as a Strategic Investor, can assess product demand and market approach to drive scale via its Solutions business and unique relationships in the global real estate and private equity industries.


As a high growth business built by entrepreneurs, GreenGen guides founders and management teams through the challenges of building a successful business.


GreenGen Ventures is focused on making investments in real estate and property technologies.

Within the real estate and property space, our six primary investment themes are:

  • Real estate tech
  • Energy and resource efficiency
  • Smart buildings
  • Onsite energy solutions
  • Energy markets
  • Property insurance

We believe our deep engineering and property focus provides unmatched access and insights for both our investors and the entrepreneurs we back. We leverage our unique domain expertise, corporate partners, and industry relationships to understand the science behind a technology. We then pilot it in real situations, analyzing data and performance, as well as ease of installation and operations to optimize technologies.

Investment Criteria

  • Teams with both technical and domain expertise solving a real problem
  • Businesses with a business model innovation that is defensible over the long term
  • Ventures with measurable, easy-to-implement, breakthrough solutions
  • Opportunity for significant top line growth both domestically and internationally
  • No reliance on subsidies or rebates to compete with existing solutions based on price


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