Why We Won

GreenGen was awarded a place on the list of the fastest-growing businesses in both the DC area (Washington Business Journal) and nationwide (Inc. 5000). It's simple: we recognize that our focus on improving the value of clients' assets while increasing their sustainability and profitability has driven and will continue to drive our growth in the future. Increased asset value is not a by-product of our analysis, engineering, or construction – it is an intended and measurable consequence of our approach.

Beyond that here’s why we believe we won…

 bakley beauIntegrated Solutions
Beau Bakley
Project Manager

We provide integrated, turnkey solutions, not temporary fixes or isolated retrofits. We view the entire facility from a systems perspective, meaning we know how lighting affects heating, how air handling affects electrical load, etc. This is 360-perspective, consequence-driven engineering.


mortazavi amir
Measurable Results
Amir Mortazavi, PhD
Director, Systems Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Measurement is central to every engagement. We establish baselines, make assessments, and integrate ongoing data collection into our solutions. This feedback is invaluable for fine-tuning operations, staging work incrementally, and even for our clients' financial and business analyses.


ric sandoval
Business Perspective
Ric Sandoval, LEED AP BD + C
Senior Vice President, Solutions

Because we know business as well as engineering and construction, we provide financial analyses that address an asset’s lease and ownership structure. In this way, our solutions are not only good for the environment, but also good for increasing overall market value as well.


cole chelsea
Construction Expertise
Chelsea Cole
Manager, Solutions

Coming up with a solution is only the first step – next we ensure that it can be implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner, without compromising safety or facility integrity. With a deep understanding of how the work will be completed, we minimize disruption and maximize effectiveness.


rick gonder
Government Knowledgeable
Col. Rick Gonder, USA, Ret.
Vice President, Project Management

Our government clients have the same energy savings needs as our commercial clients, but their rules and methods of contracting are quite different. Our knowledge of FAR, DFAR, and more streamlines the process and speeds up results to our federal, state, and local customers.


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