GG Trading LogoIncreasingly, governments around the world are placing a price on carbon, helping to create a market for verified carbon credits. With prices ranging from a few dollars to over $40 per metric ton of carbon, this is a progressively more valuable way to offset the cost of energy efficiency and create additional benefits to our energy solutions.

Individuals and corporations around the world are recognizing the importance of reducing their GHG emissions. As a result, many of them are reducing their carbon footprints through energy efficiency and other measures. Quite often, however, it is too expensive for these entities to meet their targets or eliminate their carbon footprint entirely with internal reductions, and they need a mechanism to achieve these aspirational goals. Enter the carbon markets.

By using the carbon markets, entities can neutralize, or offset, their emissions by retiring carbon credits generated by projects that are reducing GHG emissions elsewhere. Of course, it is critical to develop sound projects and then verify that the emission reductions generated by these projects are actually occurring.

Working with the world’s leading providers of verified carbon credits, GreenGen handles the entire process from project development to credit verification and sale for our clients. While complicated and somewhat esoteric, this is also a valuable way to create additional benefits from the creation of permanent reductions in energy demand via our Solutions team.

Projects located anywhere in the world can benefit, and we are also able to aggregate portfolios of assets and campuses to create these benefits, so that small and large assets alike can benefit.



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