Rebate and Incentive Administration

Many of the nation's utilities, as well as state and local municipalities, offer cash rebates and other incentives to promote energy efficiency. Properties are incentivized to reduce energy use at their facilities during times of peak demand or for providing use reduction through energy efficient equipment or energy-saving retrofits. GreenGen works on your behalf to maximize savings and incentives offered by these programs.

Whenever possible, GreenGen negotiates custom rebates on your behalf to maximize the received rebates and incentives.

GreenGen understands the programs and funding cycles for hundreds of incentive bodies across the United States. We remove the burden from your team and handle each step:

  • Identify prescriptive and custom rebate and credit opportunities from utilities and local governments
  • Determine eligibility requirements
  • Design the project scopes of work
  • Complete and submit all applications providing necessary calculations, details and project descriptions
  • Implement the energy efficiency projects
  • Monitor the process to ensure incentives are processed correctly
  • Coordinate onsite inspections and secure project sign-off

We deliver tangible results to your business:

  • Signed agreements from incentive program administrators
  • Incentive checks for efficiency measures at your building


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