Healthy Building Strategies

Indoor environments can have a profound impact on health, productivity, and ultimately on the bottom line as demand and market value for healthy buildings have increased considerably over the past decade.

Safety and well-being are of paramount importance today, especially as companies continue to adapt to new realities and expectations brought by COVID-19.

GreenGen helps real estate owners and operators create and communicate healthy environments through the Fundamentals of Trust™, a multi-faceted approach developed by GreenGen that focuses on:

  • Technology – Implementation of highly vetted and proven solutions that improve indoor air and water quality, measure space utilization, sanitize high-touch surfaces, and enhance lighting, among other factors.
  • Data visualization – Integration of apps and digital platforms that help to contextualize and deliver critical healthy building metrics in real-time.
  • Third-party verification – Application of global rating systems (e.g., WELL) that validate on-going building performance as it relates to health and wellbeing of occupants.
  • Communication strategies – Substantiation of implemented healthy building solutions through effective communication strategies developed in collaboration with GreenGen and trusted partners.

One of the longest lasting effects of COVID-19 will be higher expectations as it relates to indoor health. GreenGen’s timely Fundamentals of Trust approach will help owners and operators build stakeholder trust, mitigate risks, improve attraction and retention, and ultimately enhance and protect asset value.


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