Energy Efficiency

GreenGen's core service is the engineering and implementation of comprehensive energy efficiency solutions focused on reducing energy-related operating costs on an ROI basis.

The development of our solutions always follows a six-step process:

  • Pre-assessment: review of expenditures related to electricity, gas, water, and steam, and the creation of load profiles for each commodity to see what you are consuming, when you consume, and what costs you pay, including demand charges and power factor penalties.
  • Onsite assessment: GreenGen's team of engineers review all equipment, systems, schedules, and related areas to understand how the physical facility and people onsite impact consumption.
  • Engineering: GreenGen engineers an integrated solution focused on net payback, taking into consideration gross costs, available rebates and incentives, and modeled energy savings. All potential ECMs are considered and evaluated.
  • Presentation: GreenGen reviews the preliminary solution with the onsite team in order to obtain their feedback. This feedback is integrated into the final solution in order to get the onsite team's support before presenting the solution to ownership for consideration and action.
  • Implementation: once a final scope of work is agreed upon, GreenGen will execute the project, including permitting, project management, engaging subcontractors, and managing the rebate and incentive capture process. In this manner, GreenGen is the single point of contact for implementing the project.
  • Measurement and Verification: once a project is completed, GreenGen will finalize any rebates or incentives that were applied for and provide M&V for up to one year. The M&V is designed to help customers see the energy savings that they have received from the implemented project to demonstrate to the onsite team and senior management the value that energy efficiency creates for the asset enterprise.


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