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Green Generation Solutions, LLC is a global provider of energy solutions that lower energy-related operating costs while improving environmental and human sustainability.

GreenGen engineers and implements comprehensive energy efficiency solutions on a global basis, allowing us to be a single and sole point of contact for development and execution of a comprehensive energy strategy.

Every business can be more profitable by making energy decisions backed by comprehensive analysis, collaborative planning, and ongoing measurement of results.

Minimizing energy costs while reducing the environmental impact of building systems operations ultimately raises the value and competitiveness of your building facilities and organization. Improving energy efficiency is the first and most important step toward achieving sustainability in buildings and organizations. Energy efficiency helps control rising energy costs, reduces environmental footprints, enhances health and productivity, and increases the market value of buildings.

GreenGen's custom solutions optimize and modernize your facilities using of proven and disruptive technologies. GreenGen implements verified improvements that increase operating efficiencies that lower energy use and capital costs while improving indoor environments and reducing impact on the outdoor environment.

GreenGen’s extensive experience in energy and real estate enables us to optimize our solutions regardless of lease structure or financial balance sheet constraints. Our investor focus seeks to align cost and benefit and maximize the financial outcome to the investor.

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals uses their diverse skills and backgrounds to develop solutions that work... for the facility and the customer.

We believe that data should drive decisions and sustained behavioral change will ensure success.


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