Corporate Responsibility

Green Generation Solutions’ commitment to corporate responsibility is rooted in our company values, and our people apply these values daily. Our dedication to ensuring that GreenGen is a respectable corporate citizen is built into the policies, systems, procedures, and practices that we follow daily and strive to improve continually.

Corporate responsibility at GreenGen starts with our values that reflect what we stand for as a company and guide our conduct at the highest level.

  • Honest communication - value integrity and encourage others to do the same
  • Excellence - set high standards in what we do and how we do it
  • Respect - take time to consider, appreciate, and respect others’ perspectives
  • Results - take initiative to do things efficiently, creating value for our stakeholders
  • Teamwork - collaborate and work together effectively to deliver results far beyond our individual capabilities
  • Passion - inspire others with the commitment we demonstrate in our work

Our staff strives continually to reduce our impact on the environment in every possible aspect of our operations. We hold all GreenGen staff members to a very high standard of responsibility with regard to waste reduction and energy efficiency. For example, most of our staff uses environmentally conscious forms of transportation to work, including mass transit, walking, biking, and electric cars. From efficient print and copy practices, to buying, selling, and using environmentally friendly products, we recognize that taking responsibility for our purchasing practices and supply chain is essential to our environmental future.

In conducting our business, we communicate and consult with a wide range of stakeholders, including property owners, local communities, regulators, and governments. We create opportunities to engage stakeholders early in a project cycle and frequently throughout our activities. Our goal is to share information, learn from external perspectives, and build strong relationships in the community — all with a view to supporting our long-term success.


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