Based in London’s Mayfair neighborhood, GreenGen’s European business provides energy efficiency solutions for our customers and their facilities throughout the UK and Continental Europe.

Green Generation Solutions UK, Ltd (GreenGen UK) operates in cooperation with BRE, which began as government-funded research laboratories before being privatized in 1997. BRE is a world leading building science center that generates new knowledge through research. This is used to create products, tools and standards that drive positive change across the built environment. BRE helps its government and private sector clients meet the significant environmental, social and economic challenges they face in delivering homes, buildings and communities. BRE is owned by the BRE Trust, a registered charity. The Trust uses the profits made by the BRE companies to fund research and education that advances knowledge of the built environment.

Much of our European business is on behalf of global real estate and private equity investors and is driven by both a desire to reduce energy-related operating costs, as well as the necessity of complying with the EU’s increasing body of energy efficiency. Our demand-side measures often result in savings that exceed 30% of a property’s energy and water consumption.

On the supply-side, all European markets are deregulated for electricity and gas procurement, and the UK has deregulated water supply as of April 1, 2017. This deregulation creates an opportunity to lower costs and reduce price volatility before even the first efficiency measure is implemented. Because 50% or more of utility costs are the result of standing charges, peak demand fees, time-of-day fees, and other non-consumption-related charges, GreenGen identifies means of capturing considerable savings that are not available through typical procurement or demand-side measures. Increasingly, energy storage solutions are allowing customers to optimise when they purchase and consume energy at their properties.


Recent examples of GreenGen UK’s work in Europe includes:

  • Swedish Township – One of GreenGen’s global PE clients owned an entire town in Sweden, and GreenGen assessed all of the assets, including offices, parking, retail, hotel, schools, and courthouses. A comprehensive energy plan was developed and implemented.
  • British Shopping Mall – GreenGen surveyed a shopping mall whose facility manager had already dramatically reduced the property’s energy and water consumption. Despite this, GreenGen identified several additional opportunities to further reduce consumption, improve occupant comfort, and increase lighting quality within the owner’s ROI criteria.
  • Belgian Hotel – GreenGen assessed a full-service hotel on behalf of a global opportunity fund. The solution included occupancy-based thermostats, enhanced room and building controls, interior and exterior LED lighting, and low-flow water fixtures.
  • European Hotel Portfolio – GreenGen’s client acquired a portfolio of full-service hotels across the EU. The solution included upgraded mechanical systems, controls, lighting, and building envelope across more than 3,000 rooms in six countries.
  • British Office and Laboratory Tower – GreenGen worked with a fund’s local operating partner and property manager to reduce energy-related operating costs by more than 30%. Main solutions included better scheduling and controls, optimization of existing equipment, retrocommissioning of the building, and upgrading the interior lighting to LED.
  • Italian CHP and Central Plant Retrofit – One of GreenGen’s clients began to solicit proposals for a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system and overhaul of related heating equipment. When this resulted in widely differing recommendations, prices, and contractual obligations, they asked GreenGen to take the reins of the effort. GreenGen performed a detailed load analysis and a conceptual design of the optimal CHP system and project scope. With this, GreenGen re-tendered the project and negotiated scope and pricing on the client’s behalf. GreenGen is now guiding the client through execution of the work with the selected contractor.
  • Italian Environmental Compliance – A client’s hotel in Rome received citations for burning high-sulfur oil, which has been banned in Italy. In addition to the high capital cost of replacing their heating equipment, the length of time it would take to obtain a natural gas connection and install the new equipment would result in considerable fines for missed compliance deadlines. GreenGen solved the immediate problem with a stop-gap modification to the existing equipment and made it possible for the hotel to continue trading while a more robust solution was implemented.
  • British Hotel Portfolio 1 – A private equity investor in the UK has hired GreenGen to assess, engineer, and implement efficiency solutions at hotels throughout the UK. The value we demonstrated attracted the attention of an upscale hotel brand who manages a large portion of the portfolio. The hotel company has since independently hired GreenGen to work in other properties they manage and to contribute to their CSR initiative.
  • British Hotel Portfolio 2 – Another private equity investor asked GreenGen to identify and quantify efficiency opportunities for a hotel operating company that they own. GreenGen analysed the portfolio to establish benchmark comparisons, performance outliers, and quick-return opportunities due to high unit costs of energy. GreenGen next performed full efficiency assessments of the highest-priority assets based on the results of that analysis, and identified financially viable cost-savings opportunities of 22-30% at each hotel.
  • British Hotel Portfolio 3 – GreenGen was recommended to a real estate operating partner by an existing client. GreenGen is now analysing energy profiles and developing efficiency solutions for the operator’s portfolio, beginning with the highest priority assets.
  • German Hotel – One of GreenGen’s clients asked us to investigate the unusually high utility costs at one of their hotels relative to other assets in their portfolio. The building is just a few years old and was built to a very high-quality M&E specification, including river water heat exchange, rainwater capture for toilets, heat recovery systems, a sophisticated building management system, and variably controlled pumps and fans. It was designed to consume much less energy and water than its peers, not more. GreenGen identified several reasons why it was consuming more energy and provided efficiency solution design and implementation services to address the issues. GreenGen further identified invoicing and recharge issues that were unnecessarily adding cost to the hotel’s operation.
  • French Logistics Park – As part of a global master services agreement with a private equity investor, GreenGen developed efficiency solutions for a portion of their newly acquired logistics portfolio in France. The owner quickly selected the measures they wished to pursue and engaged GreenGen to begin implementation.
  • Dutch Ground-Source Heat Exchange System – GreenGen was recently contracted to assist a client identify the optimal cooling strategy for a prominent office tower that they recently purchased. GreenGen is performing technical feasibility analyses, peer-reviewing third-party studies, and representing the client in discussions with the property manager and project teams. The winning strategy is a heat exchange system using groundwater from an adjacent river.


ESOS and EED Compliance

Government established ESOS to implement Article 8 (4-6) of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EU EED) (2012/27/EU). ESOS and the EU EED are mandatory energy assessment schemes for organizations who meet certain size and turnover criteria.

Qualifying organizations must carry out ESOS assessments every four years. These assessments are audits of the energy used by their businesses – including buildings, equipment, industrial processes and transport – to identify cost-effective energy-saving measures. This includes organizations who lease the spaces they occupy.  The next qualifying period begins in December 2018 and the corresponding deadline for completed reports is in December 2019.

GreenGen UK is fully staffed and experienced to help you comply with the ESOS requirement in a cost-effective manner and use the process to create a road map for implementing energy efficiency at a facility or organization.

Read the full ESOS guidance.



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