GreenGen is an award-winning company that operates at the intersection of energy, real estate, technology, and capital markets from offices in Washington, DC, London, and Tokyo. Our client-driven focus delivers financial outcomes while driving environmental and human sustainability, making the world a better place.

GreenGen operates in five integrated platforms:

In the US, with hundreds of utilities and thousands of products, developing comprehensive energy solutions is daunting. With hundreds of federal, state, and local incentive programs and more than a dozen different financing approaches, it is no wonder most owners are overcome to the point of inaction.

GreenGen was formed to integrate engineering with implementation to overcome this organizational inertia. By integrating energy, real estate, technology, and capital markets, we deliver investor-oriented solutions that drive asset value for owners while optimizing comfort and wellbeing.

This approach was intended to drive a double-bottom line. First, we deliver lower operating costs in a manner that drives asset cashflows, leading to higher values. Secondly, a byproduct of this improvement in sustainability-related metrics, improving the environment while delivering a positive financial outcome.

In this manner, GreenGen clients neither operate in the black or red — they Operate in the Green.


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