GG Analytics Emerald LogoGreenGen’s energy data analytics platform helps owners drive portfolio and asset decision-making, lowering operating costs and increasing asset values through the critical use of data. Energy data analytics is critical to any successful organization. We developed Emerald℠, our energy data platform, to provide your data and analytics in one place with a focus on both the user experience and value. Emerald was developed to be a powerful tool for investors and occupiers alike.

GreenGen provides energy analytics via its Emerald platform as both part of our integrated solutions and as a standalone product. Emerald is a powerful tool in reducing energy consumption.

Typically, energy analytics involves the use of existing meters or the installation of meters at a site in order to provide visibility into real-time energy consumption. The data is then integrated onto GreenGen's energy data portal to:

  • Review performance of implemented ECMs
  • Review scheduling of equipment and systems
  • Identify achieved energy savings against a pre-implementation baseline
  • Improve energy-related operations and budgeting

GreenGen uses analytics to provide M&V for ECMs and as a product unto itself for facilities to understand better how and when they consume energy. GreenGen has also provided submetering energy data analytics to super-ESCOs in order to calculate energy savings in support of performance contracts.

Emerald is GreenGen’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for energy measurement, analysis, and reporting. The web-based application is designed to provide building owners and operators with easy access to the data and tools they need to effectively manage their portfolios’ energy consumption and costs. Key features include automated data collection, budgeting tools, advanced analytics, real-time alarms, customizable dashboards, and on-demand reports.

For commercial real estate enterprises, the days of stale data and scrambling to meet sustainability reporting deadlines are gone. EMERALD makes it possible to manage your utility bills, monitor your carbon emissions, evaluate your energy efficiency projects, generate reports for your next meeting and much more, all from one secure, cloud-based application. Moreover, the platform provides role-based analytics to the full spectrum of user types – from the tenant to the building engineer to the regional asset manager to the C-suite. Three different licensing options with increasing levels of sophistication allow your organization to have users that have access to only the bare essentials at a reduced price, while providing others access to the full range of EMERALD features, all based on their role and needs.

The user optionality also allows customers to grow into EMERALD at their own pace. Rather than making customers pay upfront for more features than their organization is ready to use, GreenGen works with them to find the most cost-effective EMERALD package for their level of data-driven sustainability maturity. Similarly, customers only pay for data hosting services on an as-needed basis. Upgrading to accommodate more data points, more users or more features is extremely easy.

Whether your organization is responsible for one building or a large portfolio spread across the globe, EMERALD can help you achieve your economic and environmental goals, so contact us today for a demo: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At Green Generation we believe that a greener and healthier built environment can be realized through innovative solutions and actionable, data-driven insights.


The Emerald platform empowers customers with the data and insights they need for their buildings to Operate in the Green


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